Face Lifts

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Dr. Kaye Riolo performs facelifts for patients who want to reduce sagging facial skin, deep lines, and wrinkles.


A facelift corrects many signs of facial aging by lifting and tightening the skin and tissue of your face. A face lift can reduce:

  • Excess skin and tissue along your jawline
  • Sagging skin on your cheeks
  • Significant nasolabial folds, the grooves between your nose and mouth
  • A face lift is a surgical procedure that significantly reduces signs of aging, especially grooves, lines, and wrinkles.

Several techniques can be used during a facelift, depending on the concern(s) being treated. Generally, after anesthesia is administered, incision are made, starting near the temple and continuing to the lower scalp area. 

Because we use the cutting-edge  Y LIFT® procedure, most treatment sessions are completed within 30 minutes.

Our practice uses Y Lift®, a non-surgical procedure to enhance your cheekbone, jawline, and overall facial appearance. This treatment is administered using a local anesthetic, and doesn’t require incisions or leave scars.

Our Results

Our photo gallery contains images of actual patients who have seen great success because of our procedures and treatments. These pictures are intended to help you form realistic expectations of our services, as well as show you possible results of our efforts.
To preserve patient confidentiality, we only show images that have been anonymized and approved by the depicted patient. This gallery contains images of unclothed men and women which illustrate possible results from Dr. Riolo’s medical treatments. Please note that you must be 18 years old or older to view these photos.

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